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Dr.Shahab Farrokh has been selected as an Orange County Physician of Excellence



Dear Dr.Shahab:

Congratulations! The Selection Committee has completed its review and is pleased to share that you have been selected as an Orange County Physician of Excellence.

Thank you for your participation in the annual Physicians of Excellence program for Orange Coast Magazine’s January 2023 issue. Each year we are impressed by all the candidates and enjoy working with you.

Please note that each physician selected will be listed only once by his/her primary specialty in which he/she is Board certified. Your listed specialty is based on required criteria for nominees to be Board certified in their primary (selected) field. We reserve the right to omit a listing prior to publication, pending a final review with the Medical Board of California physicians.

The Physicians of Excellence program was designed to honor Orange County’s most noteworthy physicians and to base selection on measurable criteria. The selection criteria used by the Physicians of Excellence Selection Committee were established to identify truly exceptional physician. The committee consisted of medical staff leaders, specialty society representative, and community leaders, including OCMA members as well as physicians and non-physicians.

In our nineteenth year, we are pleased as the success of this program. The complete list will be released upon publication in the Orange Coast Magazine’s January 2023 issue.

To celebrate your achievement, OCMA and the Orange Coast Magazine hope to host a reception in January 2023, at a location to be determined.

Congratulation again on your achievement.


William O. Woo, M.D.


Physician Recognition Programs


Orange County Medical Association

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